Dutch Canal Houses

The canal houses are made of high-fired porcelain and are mounted on a white board. They can be purchased by sending an information request to alexandrabreezeceramics@gmail.com. Houses can be picked up, delivered in the Amsterdam or The Hague region, or sent (globally) for an additional postage fee.

Each item is individually handmade and unique and comes in a custom made dark blue presentation box. The pictures in this gallery are representational of the pieces that are available. For prices please click on the photographs or see the Pricelist 2020.

1 house: €55
2 houses: €80
3 houses: €95
4 houses: €125
5 houses: €150
6 houses: €170
7 houses: €190
8 houses: €220
9 houses: €240
10 houses: €260

Pageshuis (Den Haag): €85
Windlust windmill: €150
Mauritshuis (Den Haag): €150

*These are for the narrow Amsterdam style houses. The Den Haag based houses are a bit wider and come with a price code that is comparable to the Amsterdam list.

2 thoughts on “Dutch Canal Houses

    • Hi Erin,

      Thank you for your message. I am indeed able to produce custom tiles, for example of your own house (and maybe your neighbours) or of the building your business or organisation is housed in. We can discuss the possibilities either by telephone or by email. I will send you a DM.

      best wishes,


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