Alexandra Breeze Ceramics

IMG_7214Alexandra Breeze studied Ceramics and Printmaking at the University of Wolverhampton. She is a qualified teacher of Art and Design and has worked in various international and British schools, both in the UK and the Netherlands. She has lived in the Netherlands since 1999.

From childhood, Alexandra had a strong desire to work with clay. She is an intensely inquisitive and tactile person, frequently tempted to reach for the objects behind the ‘do not touch’ signs in shops or galleries. Her eagerness to find out how things were made, sometimes by dismantling them, often led her into trouble as a child. This inquisitive nature has since proved to be an invaluable trait for working with her chosen medium of clay and its somewhat playful nature.

Alexandra tries to incorporate a variety of printmaking techniques into her clay building. Her recent work explores the effect of relief in combination with light on the surface of high-fired porcelain clay.

Much of her work has a cultural or social reference. For the Cultural Transitions exhibition Alexandra has developed a number of pieces that explore the natural and manmade boundaries visible in the Dutch landscape. She is particularly interested in how the lowlands have been influenced and developed by geophysical constraints and the need to maximise the available space. This is obvious in urban and agricultural planning and the architecture that is so typical of the Netherlands.

Her other work includes a series of imprinted porcelain tiles of historic Amsterdam canal houses. She chose these houses because of their iconic status within Dutch culture. The playful and whimsical nature of the details that are pressed into the clay, sometimes using very recognisable objects, rewards the viewer with a new perspective on every inspection. Although similar, each piece has its own unique character.

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